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An entrepreneur, a corporate executive, a sportsman or any other professional has that power. We believe that such professionals are needed in every part of the world and especially now in our country – Russia. Our goal is to help such people do their job, accomplish their dreams, start and grow their business in Russia. Its time to MOVE TO RUSSIA!
Over the past 30 years, Russia has achieved high rates of economic development, quality of life, the implementation of major investment projects and has managed to regain the status of a superpower. The secret sauce is the resources that Russia has, proper government regulations and the people! We believe that a single person can change the world and make a difference in life of other people.
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For the past 20 years VISTA Immigration has been assisting foreign businesses and entrepreneurs to successfully start their business in Russia.
We provide professional legal advice on all matters of company set up, tax advice, accounting, immigration services. If your goal is to immigrate to Russia regardless of the ground – business, employment, personal – we would be ready to assist.
Deep knowledge of the Russian laws together with a personalized approach to each Client’s need allows our firm to accomplish your plans
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Timur Beslangurov
Victoria Shilova
Head of Corporate Immigration Practice
Irina Pochkhua
Head of Private Client Practice
Maria Mironova
VISTA Immigration team consists of unique professionals, experiences in advising clients on all matters of Russian immigration.
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Tatiana Andryushechkina
Victoria Shilova
Victoria Pikalova
Senior Lawyer
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