Why move your business to Russia?
Faced with the above developments, for the first time in generations some western entrepreneurs and HNW individuals contemplate diversifying abroad or moving outright.
The threat of bank failures, Cyprus-style bail-ins and the prospect of confiscatory tax policies stemming from spiraling social costs looms on the horizon.
HNW individuals and families, entrepreneurs and free thinkers in the west are well aware the trends above are accelerating and are seeking solutions. In particular:

High Net Worth (HNW) individuals: investors and wealthy families feel threatened because their accumulated wealth (and their racial, demographics or political inclination) may in the future single them out for wealth confiscation. The implosion of the "social contract" and the consequent collectivization of segments of the economy to deal the with the breakdown will inevitably put property rights at risk. Recent episodes in Canada (property seizures following protests) the US and Europe (uncompensated rent moratoriums during the pandemic) have given an early preview of how this might unfold. Many are concerned as a result.

Entrepreneurs: owners of SMEs share some of the concerns above but are equally preoccupied by the inability to operate under the combined impact of skyrocketing energy prices, inflationary pressures and social pressures.
From a bastion of freedom, rule of law and property rights, the collective West has morphed into a regressive autocracy focused on suffocating enterprise creation, tax competition and wealth preservation. This took place, over the last 15 years, across on three fronts:
How the Mood is Changing in the West
How Entrepreneurs and HNW individuals are reacting
The number of Americans who renounced their citizenship in favor of a foreign country hit an all-time high in 2020: 6,707, a 237% increase over 2019. Americans seeking to renounce their citizenship are stuck with it for now. As many as 30,000 citizens living abroad have been unable to secure a 'loss of nationality' interview during the pandemic.
The collective West is living through the last days of the finance-dominated world order it created in the wake of World War II. Out of control money printing since the mid-2000s and the financial crisis, aggressive de-industrialization and de-carbonization, further expansion of the monetary base to pay for social programs stemming from the 2020 the pandemic have all contributed to debase western financial systems and expand Debt/GDP ratios to unsustainable levels across all western nations and Japan. Right now, the resulting commodity inflation is dealing the coup de grace to the western economies.
Russia has Advantages
Russia may be well placed to draw quality investors looking to relocate the west. For starters, it is a fully industrialized country (as opposed to most alternatives). And Russia is the sole European power whose economic cycle is synchronized with the Asian economic rise, rather than with the western downfall. The latter alone should make it, for cultural and tradition reasons, the preferential destination for westerners looking to escape the decline.

More importantly, Russia has:

- a trade surplus and low public debt

- solid institutions and stable government

- a qualified and well-educated labor force

- attractive tax system

- cheap and abundant land and natural resources

- an educational and spiritual framework which emphasizes traditional values, morality and decency coupled with laws barring the indoctrination of students with debasing and demoralizing dogmas.

Hampering Enterprise Creation
The "Cultural Wars"
Financial Repression
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