As of January 15th 2023 Russia has joined the club of countries that offer foreign investors a Residency Through Investment Program.
Under the proposed regime of investment foreign investors will have the following benefits:
● No requirement to reside in Russia for the investor or family members

● Possibility to reside in any region of Russia and work without work permit

● Eligibility to apply for citizenship after 5 years as a legal resident

● Processing time – 4 months after submission of the application
Russia is well placed to draw high-quality investors looking to relocate from any part of the World.

Importantly, it is an industrialized country and the sole European power whose economic cycle is synchronized with Asian economic growth, rather than with Western economic contraction.
Availability of world class medical care
Lower inner city crime rates relative to Western cities
Solid institutions and stable government with high domestic approval ratings
World's largest exporter of energy and wheat
Self-sufficiency in energy and food
Trade surplus and low government debt (ca 14% debt to GDP)
Financial stability
A qualified, well educated labor force and cheap, abundant land and natural resources
Flat income tax of 13%, no inheritance tax, no wealth tax, highly preferential corporate tax frameworks
Attractive tax system
● Foreign investor will skip the necessity of obtaining a quota for temporary residency and obtaining temporary residency itself, but will instead directly apply and obtain permanent residency
● Obtaining a lifelong residency for the investor and their family members – spouse, children, parents, spouse's parents, grandparents, and grandchildren
investment criteria
There are currently 4 proposed investments that would qualify foreign national and his/her family member for a residency in Russia.
Investment into socially significant projects in the Russian regions
Business creation
Investment in existing business in Russia
Investment in real estate in Russia
If you have any questions,
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