Education Based Immigration
New Education Based Program
Foreign nationals that have graduated from a full-time educational program (bachelor, masters) in the Russian University with a “red” diploma (diploma with honors) are eligible to apply for permanent residency in Russia. Education program can be in a foreign language not necessarily in Russian. All relevant information about education in Russia can be found here
Residency issued based on a “red” diploma is permanent but could be revoked in case foreign national doesn’t stay in Russia at least 180 days in each year after permanent residency was issued.
Foreign national can apply for permanent residency in the region where such foreign national has address registration regardless of the region of Russia where such foreign national graduated from the University.
Processing time for obtaining permanent residency is 4 months after filing the application. Foreign national may travel outside Russia after submitting the application. Application is done in person. After permanent residency is issued foreign national has 7 days to register at the residency address. On an annual basis foreign national is obliged to confirm his/her residency in Russia by submitting a form that contains information on the number of days spent outside of Russia within the past year and information on income which can be savings in the bank or employment related.
After obtaining of permanent residency in Russia foreign national is obliged to inform Russian tax authorities on an annual basis before each 1st of June about his/her assets and foreign bank accounts abroad.
In order for foreign national to be eligible to apply for Russian citizenship such foreign national in addition to having residency has to be officially employed in Russia for at least 1 year
As of January 1st 2023, foreign nationals that have enrolled in Russian Universities would be able to apply for a Temporary residency permit (TRP) while they are studying without necessity to wait until the graduation with the “red” diploma

Such temporary residence permit can be issued to foreign students, who study in Russia, in case the following conditions are met:

  • Study is full-time NOT Russian language courses
  • According to the program of bachelor's degree, specialty, master's degree, assistant internship
  • Study program has state accreditation or this is a scientific or science-teacher program in graduate school (adjunct)
  • In a state educational organization or a state scientific organization
  • Educational organization must be on the territory of the Russian Federation
Foreign citizens, who have received temporary residence permits, using this program, are exempt from the requirement to file yearly notifications, confirming their stay in the Russian Federation.
On this basis the temporary residence permit is issued for the whole period of study + 180 days after graduation.
Application is reviewed within 2 months.
Permanent residency gives the right for foreign national to work in any Russian region without a work permit, travel in and out of Russia without a visa and reside anywhere in Russia. It also gives foreign national the right for state medical and health care coverage.
Within 3 years upon graduation foreign student who has the temporary residence permit acquired under this program can apply for the permanent residence permit.
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