Currently Russian immigration legislation doesn’t have a classic “entrepreneur” visa as setting up a company doesn’t give foreign national a right for any type of visa.
Let’s look at the options available for a foreign national that will not meet the requirements of an investor under the new law.
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Once the company is registered foreign national can be employed in his/her own company and obtain a work permit and a work visa.
With regards to a standard 1-year work permit long term immigration is only possible in case foreign national works in his/her own company in a position from the qualified specialist list.
Entrepreneur immigration
Although as of 14th of January 2023 foreign nationals that have invested into an existing Russian company or have set up their own Russian company and invested certain amount (yet to be established by the Russian government), would be able to obtain permanent residency. Formally under new law that would be called Investment residency.
So formally it’s a mixture of entrepreneurial and employment immigration.
There are 2 types of work permits in Russia:
a standard – 1 year permit
and a Highly Qualified Specialist (HQS) – 3-year permit.
That option was covered in Employment Based Immigration
Any foreign national can set up a company in Russia even being on a tourist visa in Russia. Most common entity registered in Russian by foreign entrepreneurs is Limited Liability Company. Foreign national or foreign company can be a 100% owner of such LLC and there is no legal requirement to hire Russian as a general director as in some countries.
The HQS work permit allows immediate application for residency, but such residency will only be valid for the validity of the work permit (up to 3 years). It can be extended, provided the work permit is extended. Moreover, there is a draft of the law that if adopted will allow HQS work permit holders that have obtained residency based on HQS work permit and been in Russia for 2 years on that residency to apply for indefinite residency and disconnect with necessity of employment.
The option that we call “Entrepreneur” immigration is basically employment sponsored visa through your own Russian entity that solves an issue of finding a third-party employer in Russia
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