Immigration based on Military Service
According to the legislation which came into force on the September 24, 2022 foreign nationals and stateless persons who sign contracts for military service for not less than 1 year can apply for Russian citizenship using simplified procedure, that is:
30 September 2022 Russian President issued an Order* which introduced specifics of initiative realized in legislation published on September 24, 2022** which relates to foreigners who sign contracts for military service with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
  • without having to reside on the territory of the Russian Federation on the basis of the permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit for a specified period of time;
  • without having to prove the legal source of income in Russia;
  • without having to pass Russian language exam;
Citizenship for service in the Russian army: legislation is in force
Additional conditions set by the Presidential order are the following:
  • 6 months from 1 year contract foreign national has to participate in combat operations
  • this 6 months term can be shortened in case of injury which prevents a foreign national from continuing military service
  • along with the foreign national who signed the contact his or her family members can apply for Russian citizenship using the simplified procedure as well (children, including adopted children, spouses and parents)
  • in case of death of the foreign national his or her family members do not lose their right to participate in the program and can apply for citizenship using simplified procedure as well
Further specifics of the program are still to be developed, we will keep you posted.

*President Order from 30.09.2022 № 690 "On simplified procedure of application for Russian citizenship for foreign nationals and stateless persons, who signed contracts for military service"

**Federal Law from 24.09.2022 № 370-FL "On amendment of legal acts of the Russian Federation"

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